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How do You Take Care of Dogs At Home?

If you have also adopted a puppy or you already own dogs and you take care of your dog but you do not know the right way and you are also afraid that my dog may get any disease or problem and How can I take care of my puppy, that too at home, all the questions related to your dog care will be answered in this article, I will tell you how to take care of your puppy and tell you when and how much food to your dogs and how do you do dog grooming and how do you do puppy grooming and how do you train your dog etc.

Make sure your pet is groomed

Pay more attention to your dog’s grooming. Grooming is equally important for dogs. As much as it is for humans, it prevents many diseases and also makes your dog very attractive. Bathe and comb your dog Before bathing, comb or cut out all mats from the coat. Carefully rinse all soap out of the coat, or the dirt will stick to the soap residue. Check for fleas and ticks daily during warm weather. Please visit our Dog Grooming Tips page for more information.


Feed the canine

There is also a way to feed your dog, about which we will tell you how to feed dog food from small to large.
1.Your eight to 12 week old puppy should be eating four meals a day.
2. Puppies of three to six months should be fed three times a day.
3. Feed puppies twice a day from six months to one year old.
4. When your dog reaches its first birthday, feeding should usually be once a day
5. And for some dogs who are prone to large canines or bloat, it may be wise to feed them two smaller meals.
For adult dogs, premium-quality dry food offers a diet that is well-balanced and can be combined with water, broth, or canned food. Cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, or fruits and vegetables may be favourites of your dog’s, but they shouldn’t make up more than 10% of his daily food intake. However, please restrict “people food” as it can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, bone and teeth problems, and overeating can lead to obesity. It can also cause bone and teeth problems. Always use clean, fresh water and wash food utensils frequently with soapy water


Take the Time To Train Your Dog

You can take the help of a perfect dog trainer or you can train your dog on your own. Here are some tips to train your dog:
  • Start with basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and “heel” that your dog will understand and take for granted.
  • Use the same commands and gestures consistently.
  • And take care when they obey you and reward them for good behavior and praise them.
    Practice in different environments and situations to generalize the training.
  • End each session on a positive note.
  • Be patient and persistent, training takes time and consistency.
If you want, you can take online dog training course for this, you have to learn first but it is very easy, you can buy online training course and you can train your dog, so that your dog will get training at home.


Exercise is as important for humans as it is for dogs, and if you give better exercise to your dog, then the dog’s mental and physical health will also be correct, you make the dog exercise regularly, which will burn its calories and for this You can train your dog first, then the command you will give to them like you have to pick up something of yours and take the dogs for a walk and if you are running with the dogs then it is even better that such dogs will have more exercise and Can play games with dogs and can give any task to the dog, it will be a lot of exercise.


Make Time For Engaging Playtime

Play time gives dogs both mental and physical activity, which keeps them active and healthy and can help reduce boredom and destructive behavior. The game can take many different forms, including tug-of-war, fetch, hide-and-seek, and interactive toys. Spending quality time playing with your dog will strengthen your relationship, provide him with mental and physical stimulation, and enable him to lead a happy and meaningful life. below are some games:
How to Take your dog at home? Dog Games
Dog Games

1. Fetch

Because fetch is a popular activity for both humans and dogs, almost all dogs like playing it. To have some fun, all you need is a yard, park, or field, a tennis ball or frisbee, and an animated dog.

2. Tug of War

Another classic game that dogs love the most is playing tug of war. Great for both indoor or outdoor play, tug of war is fun and engaging for your dog. Plus, all this pulling and pulling is a good source of physical exercise. Avoid over-exciting your dog with this game, and don’t let children play it.

3. Hunt for the Prey

The natural hunting impulses of your dog should be positively released in order to prevent neighbourhood squirrels from climbing trees. A flirt pole is used in this game. A long pole or stick with a rope connected to one end is called a flirt pole. A flirt pole is available for purchase or can be made with some simple DIY skills.

4. Use interactive toys, such as puzzle feeders, to challenge your dog mentally.

Interactive toys, like puzzle feeders, are made to challenge dogs’ minds by requiring them to complete a task in order to receive a treat or food reward. These toys put the dog’s problem-solving skills to the test and can stimulate the mind, preventing boredom and lowering destructive behaviour.

6. Encourage play with other dogs for socialization and exercise.

Playing with other dogs is a crucial component of canine socialisation and exercise. While exercise helps maintain dogs physically fit and healthy, socialisation aids in their development of well-adjustment and confidence in a variety of contexts. Dogs can engage with one another, develop their social skills, and let off some extra energy by playing with other dogs. This playing can occur at a nearby dog park, during planned playdates with buddies, or during lessons for group training.


Your pet needs a warm, peaceful resting spot that is off the floor, out of the way of any draughts. It’s best to use a dog bed or training crate and lay a fresh blanket or pillow inside. Regularly wash the dog’s bedding. If your dog will be spending a lot of time outside, make sure she has access to cool water and shade in the summer and a warm, dry shelter in the winter.




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